Thursday, 12 November 2009

film is forever;

photographs from my film slr with no editing, taken with my olympus om10;
jamie and feathers, november 2009;

works drinks in knightsbridge;

jess lau at 119a;

big foot, little foot;

parachute man at 119a;

my niece, izzy;

motorbikes on the way to whitby;

izzy on the pier in whitby;


wide angle lens;

double exposure, brighton;

bestival, isle of wight, 2009 on jess' 90's olympus point and shoot;

first year uni, nano;

a nanotechnology project, i designed a tracksuit, based on long exposure photographs, movement and change;

first year uni, first project, white skirt;

white skirt project, based on surrealism;

first year uni, trousers;

menswear trouser project, some pages from my sketch book;

final designs;

inspired by graffiti artists from berlin.

first year uni, textiles;

textiles print project, my screen print samples, based on the figures i have collected;

final designs;

the efflorescence of evil;

some illustrations i did last summer, 2008;

first year uni, perverse donuts;

promotional pieces, my illustrations and photographs put together using in design, may 2009;